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We invite you to join us and make a difference in people’s lives and yours!

REACH was founded in 1969 by a group of parents driven by the vision to remove barriers and provide the needed support for their children. The impact a small group of dedicated people can make in a community is endless.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the constant support of our volunteers. Join us, become a community leader, and make a difference in people’s lives! It's a rewarding experience for all.

Special Event Volunteer

Our special event volunteers are involved in all phases of our events. This includes pre-event planning, during-the-event support, and post-event wrap up. It takes a lot of people and work to put on successful events, the final product is always worthwhile.  REACH has multiple events throughout the year, and we can always use a helping hand.

Special Education Instructors / Mentors

If you are a special ed instructor, licensed social worker, or mental health professional, we welcome you to volunteer your skills to help enhance our programs and services.

You will help our support staff and improve our clients’ experiences and learning outcomes within Education Services.

Marketing Team

Is it easy for you to motivate others to get involved? Do you know what it takes to be a social media influencer? Are you an absolute pro at creating flyers or announcements? Do you have a creative writing talent or video/photography experience?

Use your talents for good! Join the REACH Volunteer Marketing Team.

Business/Resource Development Team

Maximizing outcomes, researching opportunities, business growth and success: are these areas you have experience in?

We are looking for knowledgeable business minds to volunteer to help us develop strategies and realize opportunities to enhance decision-making at management level.

Technology / Website Content Design

We need people that know how to make the most out of modern technology. As a volunteer, you will help us further develop our content and design for our website and internal processes. As a leader in our field, it is vital to stay up-to-date and maximize our outreach with a clean and professional look. With your help we can stay on top of the curve and ensure that our messages reach the public in the most effective manner.

Creative Artists / Art Instructors

Do you have a heart for art or the creativity and talent to create it? Please consider sharing your knowledge with our artists! Check out the Artsource Project for more information. The Artsource has been growing ever since some of our talented staff had the vision to start it, and volunteers are needed. We would love to provide additional art classes, expand our horizons, and offer our services to more people!

Administrative Assistant

We need volunteers to help lighten staff workload. The responsibilities would include reception work, answering the phone, preparing promotional material, responding to inquiries, assisting with scheduling and workshop registrations, and attending events and meetings, as well as assisting with a variety of administrative and computer tasks.

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