Customized to fit the needs of our clients, people with disabilities and their families, REACH creates the possible when it feels impossible.

REACH Is a Comprehensive Support System for Challenging Situations

We approach every person and situation as an opportunity to find a comprehensive, individualized solution to help people be their best selves and live their best lives.

What's more, we know it's exhausting and life-consuming to run all over town to find therapists, classes, or services. We help you get what you need all in one place.

"REACH is a recognized leader and expert resource for agencies nationwide."

Here are a few more reasons people choose REACH for support.

We Embrace Innovation

REACH is dedicated to the latest technological advances in order to increase access to services, create a more integrated solution for families, and make compliance and administrative tasks easier.

Technology and innovation allow us to spend more time with people and find more solutions for life's daily challenges.

Dedicated to Transforming Lives

Life doesn't happen in silos. We take a holistic approach to living, including all the emotional, practical, cultural details, even in how we're perceived by others, and tailor our solutions for real-world situations.

This balanced approach brings lots of good people together and creates strong bonds. We're proud that so many people call REACH team members, volunteers, and other participants their extended or "adopted" family.

Continually Educating and Breaking Stereotypes

Oftentimes, stereotypes don't come from meanness, they come from a lack of awareness or understanding.

We strive every day to educate the public about the needs of hundreds of children and adults in their communities, so that not only are we all treated equally and with respect, but also forethought and care is taken to remove barriers -- physical and emotional -- that can prevent people from doing what they love to do.

Breaking hurtful stereotypes about people with unique needs or disabilities makes the world a more accessible and welcoming place for everyone.