REACH Communication Services

From speech and language assessments and therapy to assistive technologies, coaching, and training, we offer a range of services to help people communicate more effectively.

Connect, Communicate, Laugh, and Learn

Communication enables us to connect with others and develop important relationships. To help people with disabilities or communication challenges discover and learn the most efficient means of communication for them, we use strategies that increase the person’s use of speech, body language, and technology.

Here are a few of the services that we provide to our clients and families:

Speech and Language Assessment

Assessments can include standardized testing, observations, inventories, and a report. Each assessment takes a different amount of time; our goal is to provide you a complete evaluation of your needs.

Speech and Language Therapy

We provide speech, language, and augmentative communication services. Therapy is with certified staff and is designed to create a more communicative environment and can include:

  • Speech therapy
  • Oral motor therapy
  • Language development
  • Use of AAC and fading
  • Coaching of communication partners

Augmentative and Assistive Technology Assessment and Support

Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) and Assistive Technology (AT) evaluations include:

  • Interview
  • Observation
  • Assessment of low tech, mid tech, and high tech systems
  • Reporting

We provide AAC/AT support; for example, we teach people how to use their equipment more efficiently.

Communication Coaching

Coaching, which is provided by trained staff, helps explain a person's communicative needs to his or her support and communication partners. The goal is to help achieve the greatest level of communication possible with the least amount of support.

REACH Brochures of Services

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