The ArtSource Project

Driven by a Passion to Communicate, Fueled by Vision and Creativity

The ArtSource Project, developed specifically for people with communication challenges and disabilities, encourages each student to use their own style and abilities through different artistic mediums.

The project offers:

  • High-quality, individualized support for artists
  • A space to share creative work and ideas
  • Opportunities to participate in art festivals and galleries so that students can share, sell, and display their work in their communities

Our goals are to encourage each artist to:

  • Challenge themselves with creative and inspired thinking
  • Learn different techniques such as color theory, perspective, and other ways to use their skills
  • Build communication skills and successful relationships among peers

Designed to increase independence, ArtSource provides a unique opportunity for all ages to learn the history of art, understand different art techniques, and use the materials hands-on.

The ArtSource Project is one part of our Education Services.

No matter the restrictions with disabilities or motor skills, the REACH staff is here to support you and your individual needs to create art.

ArtSource Project Location: 12000 Santa Fe Springs Rd, Santa Fe Springs, California
Classes: Monday-Thursday, morning and afternoon classes available
Teachers: Jonathan Reyes, Daisy De La Torre, Melissa Uribe

To participate in the ArtSource Project, please contact us. We also warmly welcome donations.

What the ArtSource Project Means to Students

“It’s helped me by becoming more creative and more social. I like the projects we do, learning our lessons and making friends” --Priscilla Dao

“Picasso’s blue period is one of my favorite lessons and artist to learn about. He inspires me until this day. I also love craft projects and getting messy with my hands. ... [Art is] a new way to exercise my brain. It helps me to focus and calm down.”
Alma Garcia