Rita Rubin

Vice President

As the parent of a child, now an adult, with autism, I quickly realized that I had to become an advocate for her and other people with special needs.  To that end, I have served on several boards of directors, often in leadership positions, including the East Los Angeles Regional Center, the Community Advisory Council of the Whittier Area Cooperative Special Education Program (WACSEP), the Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK), and the local chapter of the Autism Society of America. When my daughter was introduced to Facilitated Communication, I learned about the technique and eventually became a Master Trainer (Syracuse University) allowing me to teach this skill at monthly REACH/WAPADH workshops.  I have also served on the board of Beth Shalom of Whittier and am a member of the board of the Whittier Area Interfaith Council.  I look forward to continuing my community service and advocacy as a member of the REACH board of directors.